• Meet your PEERs

  • Ben B
    Hi, I’m Ben Bressette and I’m very excited to be starting my first year in PEER! I’m a sophomore, and I’ve been involved with the Broad Run Speech & Debate team for two years now, more specifically in Congressional Debate. I’m also the Vice President of Spartans to End Gun Violence, and a member of Spartan Pride. I hope to eventually study public policy at Georgetown or American University, so that I can advocate for people at the legislative level. I’m also the proud brother of two Chihuahua mixes and a twin sister. My favorite food is sushi, my favorite singers are Janelle Monae and Troye Sivan, and my favorite show is Pose on Netflix. I decided to join PEER because I’ve learned firsthand how impactful it is to help others through their struggles. Everyone should have someone in their life who they can count on to listen and give advice. I’ve counted on friends for that support, and I’ve been able to provide it too. I hope that as a PEER counselor, you can count on me!


    Kenya B

    Hi, my name is Kenya Browne I’m a senior this year at Broad Run. This is my first year in PEER and I am excited to get to work with this group of amazing people. In addition to PEER, I am on the step team, Triumphant. I am an animal lover and have an interest in history and astrology. I love meeting new people and I always have time to give advice. I look forward to helping anyone who needs it! 


    Grace C

    Hi! I’m Grace Campiti, and I’m a junior here at Broad Run. I run cross-country, and I’m also on the varsity lacrosse team. I’m involved with lots of clubs like Key Club, Thirst Project, and Sigma Tau Sigma. I love going out to eat with my friends and playing with my dog, Paisley. I understand how stressful life can be, so I’m always happy to sit down and lend an ear. This is my first year in PEER, and I can’t wait for another year as a Spartan!


    Sophie D

    Hi i’m Sophie Dunn! I am a sophomore at Broad Run and this is my first year in PEER. I am a basketball manager, involved with Deca, and Interact club, and I am planning on joining more clubs this year. I love being involved at this school, and I like being social in general. I really like talking to other people and helping others who need anything or are having any problems that they want to talk about, that’s why I joined PEER! Never hesitate to reach out to me, I want you to feel welcomed at this school and be able to have a great high school experience. :)


     Lynnea H

    My name is Lynnea Hall and I am a senior at Broad Run. I love to go sightseeing in different places and watching all different types of movies. I am looking forward to my first year in PEER because it gives me a chance to make new friends as well as a way to reach out and help someone who might be struggling. I am a student with a part time job, so I know how it feels to be stressed or anxious and I don't think anyone should go through it alone . I am ready to be your PEER and to be able to help in any way!


    Ziyad H

    Hi! My name is Ziyad Hassan and I am a junior this year at Broad Run. I’m involved in Thirst Project, the cross country team, and the track team. I joined PEER this year because I love to help others and listen to people. I am very social and I’m always up for a convo! For me, handling sports, rigorous academic classes, and having a social life was difficult and mentally draining. So I understand many of the struggles that you may be experiencing. I’m here to guide you through everything, whether it’s good or bad, I got you! 


    Hannah H  

    Hi my name is Hannah Hoaglund and I am a senior at Broad Run. I have been in PEER for three years, along with being the President of Key club, and one of the co-presidents of DECA. I love to get involved around the school, and have lots of experience with time management due to my tough class load. I am a great listener and have a passion for helping others. I think everyone’s experience at Broad Run should be amazing and I am doing everything possible to ensure that happens.


    Asha H

    Hey my name is Asha Hussein and I’m a senior at Broad Run High School. This is my first year in PEER and I’m super excited to be a part of this club and to have the opportunity to meet new friends and possibly help someone going through a rough time.  I like spending my free time by hanging out with my friends and listening to music. Aside from PEER I do Theatre at Broad Run and I’m also a Sigma Tau Sigma Mentor.


    Jack L

    Hi! My name is Jack Littman, and I am a sophomore here at Broad Run, making this my first year in the PEER program. I am a sports fanatic, with baseball being by far my favorite. Along with being in PEER, I’m also in DECA and on the baseball team. I also love music and movies, particularly hip hop/rap music, and horror movies. I’m also a big Marvel superhero fan. Although I am only a sophomore, I’m taking pretty hard classes, meaning I understand what it feels like to be stressed and anxious. I am a great listener, and I will always listen to any problems regarding anxiety, depression, stress, and any other stress related problem you’d like to talk about. High school has highs and lows, and I’m here for both! I hope you have a great year at this wonderful school, and go spartans!


    Maria M

    Hey! I’m Maria, I’m a sophomore at Broad Run and it’s my first year doing PEER! I’m very excited! Along with PEER, I’m involved with spartans to end gun violence, feminist club, and art club. I was born in El Salvador y ¡hablo español! I love hanging out with my friends, watching tv (my favorite shows are,That 70’s Show, Stranger Things, and Criminal Minds) photography, painting, and listening to music (exclusively classic rock and some rap/hip hop). I hope to become a psychologist, criminal profiler, or a photographer someday. Helping people is what I always strive to do. I understand that life and school, especially, can be very stressful. I am here to listen and help in whatever way I can, because hey, we’re all in this together! :)


    Claire M

    Hi, my name is Claire Miller and I am a senior here at Broad Run. I love to travel and I’ve been to over five countries within the past few years! A few of my favorite places consist of Vancouver, Canada; Capri, Italy; and London, England. I also enjoy listening to music (anything except country) and spending time with my friends and family. I’m very excited to be a part of PEER this upcoming year! :)


    Norah N

    Hi! My name is Norah Nasser! I’m a sophomore at Broad Run and this is also my first year in PEER. In my free time, you would probably find me spinning with the color guard. I’m also in musical theater, and I love performing in school plays. I love movies, books, music, and singing. I joined PEER because I want to help other people who might be going through a tough time and need someone to listen to them. I’m really looking forward to this year and I hope I can help to make it a great one!


    Sophie P

    Hi! My name is Sophie Polk and I'm a sophomore at Broad Run. This will be my first year being in PEER.  I'm a member of DECA, Interact, and I play basketball and soccer. I love to travel, spend time with my friends and family, and listen to music (I love country!). Having a busy schedule myself, I know that the school can get really stressful and hard to handle at times. If you are ever feeling like this, need someone to talk to, or need help with anything, I'll be here to help you work through it. Can't wait for a great year!


    Cooper R

    Hey, My name is Cooper Rawson. I am a sophomore this year. I play rugby and cross country. I am really excited to be a PEER this year and hope that I can be of help to you. I am in PEER, DECA, Broad Run Ski, and French Club. I love to hang with my friends and chill out. I also love to skateboard, longboard, and any other type of boarding. I have 2 dogs named Toto and Franklin. I hope to help you through the roller coaster ride called High School!


    Arti S

    Hi! My name is Arti Shastry and I’m a sophomore here at Broad Run. I am a competitive swimmer and have been for the past 8 years. Besides swimming, I love music, hiking, and spending time with my friends and family. My 9th grade year, between hard classes at school and mental/physical health, was really difficult. Because of this, I know what it feels like to be stressed and overwhelmed. Whenever you feel that way, I want you to know that I, and any of the other PEER member, will always be there to help you out. I hope to help you have a fantastic school year!