• FUTURA Program & Goals: 
    FUTURA Program Description: 
    COURSE TITLE: Gifted Education (FUTURA) Grades 4-5
    DESCRIPTION: The Loudoun County FUTURA program seeks to enhance and to develop the
    intellect of fourth and fifth grade students who have been formally identified as
    generally intellectually gifted. Students attend the FUTURA center for one day
    each week and are immersed in lessons that correlate the themes Structures and
    Systems to the Virginia Standards of Learning Objectives for the core content
    areas. FUTURA teachers stress higher level thinking skills that include analysis,
    synthesis, and evaluation. Differentiation of instruction is key in planning the
    learning activities to meet the individual needs of the exceptional students. The
    FUTURA teachers provide opportunities for the students to stimulate curiosity,
    engage actively in problem solving, discuss current trends and issues in society,
    work cooperatively, create, debate, and to promote special interests.
    MAIN TOPICS: Structures
    Essential Understandings
    FUTURA Program Goals
    Rationale: This area of study focuses on the learner’s ability to identify and articulate problems, design structures to address them, and continually re-assess their perspectives, methods, and results. The units will include a wide range of problem-finding and -solving skills associated with reading, research, information analysis and evaluation, scientific inquiry, and effective oral and written communication. The units in this collective concept address gifted learners’ needs for “(ii) original research; (iii) problem finding and solving; (iv) higher level thinking that leads to the generation of products; and (v) a focus on issues, themes, and ideas within and across areas of study” (Regulations Governing Educational Services for Gifted Students, 8VAC20-40-20, Definitions).

    Established Goal(s):

    Primary Gifted Education Goal: Students will become divergent creative thinkers who recognize problems and solve them.

    Secondary Gifted Education Goal: Students will construct personal meaning and understanding of others and of the world around them.

    Students will develop the capacity for self-assessment and take ownership of one's own learning. 
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