• Assessment and Grading Procedure

    Introduction to Business & Marketing

    Riverside High School



    1. The following tools will be used to assess student progress and determine grades for the above listed Marketing class:


             In-Class Assignments (group and individual): 50 points

             Quizzes: 50 points

             Tests: 100 points

             Projects: 50–100 points


    1. Any project or class assignment that is not completed by the due date, will result in the following loss of points for that assignment:

    1 class period late:  Loss of 10%

    2 class periods late: Loss of 20%

    3 class periods late: Loss of 30%

    4 class periods late: Loss of 40%


    Students will have 4 class periods to turn in the work that was not previously turned in. After 4 class periods, students will receive a maximum of 60% on the assignment that was turned in late.


    If a student misses class work or assignments due to an excused absence, an extension of time-based upon the number of days absent from class- will be granted for students to make-up the assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher to arrange for make-up work.


    1. Students will be allowed ONE retake of a quiz or test. Once the student has retaken the quiz/test, the new score will become the overall score; however, STUDENTS MAY SCORE ONLY UP TO A MAXIMUM OF 84% on the retest. The retake must be completed within 2 class periods of students receiving their grades for the first quiz/test, and remediation – test corrections assigned by Mr. Fenner – must be completed within two class periods of students receiving their graded tests back.


    1. Loudoun County Public Schools has a “Failure Ceiling” for students who receive an F for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, Quarter.  Students cannot receive an F that is lower than 50.  During the Fourth Quarter of the school year, the ceiling is removed, and the actual grade will be averaged.


    I have read the classroom policies and expectations.  I understand the class policies and procedures as well as the instructor’s expectations of the students.  I understand that I will need to earn my grade and to be accountable for my work and my behavior.


    Student Signature:  __________________________________ Date: ___________


     PARENTS & GUARDIANS – Please mark the appropriate selections below: 






    My student has access to Microsoft Office at home.



    My student has Internet access at home.

    My student and I have reviewed the classroom policies and expectations.  We understand the class policies, procedures, and expectations as they are described.


    Parent / Guardian Name (print):   ______________________________________

    Parent / Guardian Signature:   _________________________ Date:  __________


     In the event that I need to contact you regarding grades, praises, or discipline concerns specific to your student, please provide an email address and phone number below where I may reach you.  Also, please let me know if you prefer to be contacted by email or phone.


    Parent / Guardian Email: ____________________________________________

    Parent / Guardian Phone:  ___________________________________________


    Please select your preference:   ð Contact by Phone   or    ð Contact by Email

    Thank you and I am looking forward to a wonderful year with your stu