• First Quarter:

    VA Studies: Regions, Waterways, Natives, and Jamestown.

    Math: Place Value, Addition/Subtraction, Equalities, Numerical Patterns, and Elapsed Time.

    Literacy: Context Clues, Reference Skills, Predictions, Problem/Solution, and Connections.

    Science: Scientific Method, VA Natural Resources, and Solar System.

    Writng: Personal Narrative, Subject/Verb Agreement, and Pronouns.

    Second Quarter:

    VA Studies: Colonial Virginia, American Revolution, and New Nation.

    Math: Multiplication, Division, Multiples and Factors, Graphing, Patterns in graphing, Fractions, and Elapsed Time.


    Science: Weather, Force, Motion, and Energy.

    Writng: Informational (Storm Essays)

    Third Quarter:

    VA Studies: New Nation, Civil War, Reconstruction, 20th and 21st Century, and Government. 

    Math: Comparing Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, +/-Decimals and Fractions, Decimals, Probability, and Elapsed Time.

    Literacy: Author's Purpose, Main Ideas Fiction and Nonfiction, Summarizing, Cause/Effect, and Sensory Details.

    Science: Electricity and Magnetism

    Writng: Informational (American Revolution)

    Fourth Quarter:

    VA Studies: Reconstruction, 1900s to Today, and SOL Review.

    Math: Graphing Analysis, Probability, Weight/Mass, Length, Liquid to Volume, Patterns, Geometry/transformations, and SOL Review.


    Science: Plant Anatomy, Life Processes, and Ecosystems.