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    Family and Consumer Sciences Exploratory II is an 18 week required class for all Loudoun County 7th grade students.  This course emphasizes personal responsibility for the demands of multiple life roles through hands-on, project-based instruction. Students focus on individual development, maintain their personal environments, apply nutrition and wellness practices, manage consumer and family resources, create textile, fashion, and apparel products, and explore careers related to Family and Consumer Sciences such as child care. Instruction in this course emphasizes science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts, where appropriate.

    Course Units:

    • Cooking Basics Unit (Safety and Sanitation, Equipment, Terms, Techniques, Measurment)
    • Nutrition (Reading a Label, 5/20 Rule, Etiquette)
    • Family, Relationships and Individuality (Personality, Self Esteem, Family Dynamics, Childcare)
    • Clothing Care and Sewing (Laundry, Clothing Maintenance, Sewing Equipment, Techniques, Drawstring Bag Project, Hand Sewing)
    • Careers, Entrepreneurship, and Money (Communication in the Workplace, College and Career Exploration, Pizza Wars, Advertising, Saving, Credit and Debit Cards)


    Please note, students are enrolled in a Google Classroom which links to all presentations, assignments, links, recipes and project directions.  Once in the Google Classroom, the topics are organized under the Classwork tab with the most current at the top.