•  Quarter 1 Topics and Themes


    1: Building Blocks

    • Spanish-speaking countries
    • Greetings, farewells
    • Feelings
    • Useful words & phrases
    • Question words
    • Classroom materials
    • Classroom commands & directions
    • Alphabet
    • Colors
    • Cognates
    • Body parts


    2: Calendar and Weather

    • Calendar: days, months
    • Seasons
    • Numbers 1-100
    • Weather conditions
    • Holidays / Celebrations





    Quarter 2 Topics and Themes


    1: Likes & Dislikes

    • Pastimes and hobbies - identify and discuss which hobbies or pastimes students prefer. Practice likes and dislikes.
    • Activities and sports - express likes / dislikes related to extracurricular activities and sports
    • Express agreement or disagreement - también / tampoco
    • Compare sports and hobbies - qué te gusta más / ni, ni
    • infinitive verbs
    • Gustar + infinitive
    • Me gusta/No me gusta
    • Preferir
    • Favorito/a 
      • Example: Me gusta practicar deportes porque yo soy atlético. / Prefiero jugar baloncesto porque es más divertido que el fútbol.
    • Connection words or linking words: además, pero


    2: All About Me

    • Family members
    • Traits (physical and personality)
    • Describe what people are and are not like
    • Ages, names, and descriptions of people



    3: The School

    • Classroom objects and items - identify classroom items and describe their location 
    • Prepositions of location - describe where things are
    • Singular vs. plural
    • People in school / places in school
    • Possessive adjectives - express ownership using possessive adjectives
    • Ordinal numbers - introduce and practice ordinal numbers to talk about your schedule
    • Subjects / Classes - identify subjects, describe class schedule and discuss various schedules
    • Adjectives
    • Tell time - to talk about classes and schedules
    • Comparisons - compare classes and teachers using comparative structures (más que, mejor que)
    • Conjugations of regular -ar verbs
    • Verb estar + preposition of location
    • Hay / Tener / Tener que + infinitive





    Quarter 3 Topics and Themes 

    1: Food & Restaurant

    ✓Identify food items (fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, beverages, dessert)

    ✓Discuss what they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner

    ✓Talk about likes and dislikes (me gusta vs. me encanta)

    ✓Describe and talk about healthy nutrition and how food tastes (essalada, es picante)

    ✓Talk about types of food-(comida italiana, comida china)



    ✓Order food in a restaurant

    ✓Express wants and needs

    ✓Describe and talk about your favorite restaurant and/ or your family’s favorite restaurant

    ✓Discuss preferences in a restaurant


    Language Structures:

    ✓Verbs in singular & plural forms

    ✓Use of gustar-querer when or ordering food: Me gustaría,quisiera

    ✓Conjugation of regular –er / -ir verbs✓Comparisons / Superlatives

    ✓Stem changing verbs (preferir/ querer /pedir / costar) 





    Quarter 4 Topics and Themes


    ✓Community-Identify community locations and discuss places you go

    ✓Activities in the community-discuss what you will do at...

    ✓Question words(recycle)

    ✓Tell day and time-When do you go to do certain activities (day, time, time of day)

    ✓Prepositionsof location(recycle)


    Language Structures:Verb / verb phrases


    ✓ir+ a +noun (talk about places you go)

    ✓a+ el= al (contraction)

    ✓ir + a +infinitive (talk about what you do)

    ✓ir+ para + infinitive (talk about places you go and what you do there)



    ✓Identify, name and describe rooms and household objects in the house

    ✓Describe items and rooms using colors

    ✓Use prepositions of location todescribe a room and the location of the items in the room

    ✓Describe what people do at home

    ✓Describe what chores family members have to do at home

    ✓Tell someone what to do at home

    ✓Review family


    Language Structures:

    ✓Conjugation of regular and irregular verbs(stem-changing / yo-go verbs)

    ✓Tener que + infinitive–tell what people have to do.

    ✓Regular and Irregular Affirmative tú commands–tell someone to do something.