• JL Simpson Middle School History

    The middle school concept in Loudoun County was initiated with the 1971-72 school history.  At that time, two new buildings became operational, one in Purcellville, the other in Sterling. Concurrently, in the Leesburg area, a modified middle school concept was initiated.  Sixth and seventh graders were housed in the old Douglass High School, renamed the Leesburg Middle School.  Although the curriculum and basic program were similar throughout the county, it was not until our present building was completed in 1976 that the middle school concept was fully implemented county wide.  The new building was named and dedicated J.Lupton Simpson Middle School, a fitting and appropriate memorial to a man whose life was education.  We are honored to be a part of this memorial to such a fine man and excellent educator.


    The biography of Mr. J. Lupton Simpson

    Mr. J. Lupton Simpson was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1903, and moved to this area at the age of 18 months.  He was stricken with infantile paralysis at the age of 11 and had to be privately tutored in elementary school.  He then attended and graduated from Lucketts High School and Hampden-Sydney College.  Mr. Simpson was an educator in Loudoun County for 39 years.  He was principal, and taught in Waterford for eight years, Ashburn for seven, Lucketts for two, and Lincoln for ten.  In 1954, he became assistant principal at the new Loudoun County High School, and remained there for 12 years until his retirement.  The entire student body demonstrated their great love and very high respect for Mr. Simpson as an administrator with a tribute to him on the occasion of his 62nd birthday, and also by a picnic held in his honor that same year.  During the summer of 1967, Mr. Simpson died.  The principal of Loudoun County High School, at the time, said, "No man in this school was ever held in such high regard".

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