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  • Hand drawing  Plan of Activities


    6th Graders: 

    September: Create Art Portfolios-learn block lettering, Start Digital Portfolios, Shading skills and still-life

    October: Oil pastel shading skills and choice oil pastel drawing

    November: 3-Dimensional letter sculpture

    December: Clay Sculpture/Perspective City Drawing

    January: Weaving (mini Navajo blankets)

    7th Graders:

    September: Create Art Portfolios, Start Digital Portfolios, Matisse Portrait Paintings

    October: Lettering as an Art form,  Mythical Creatures

    November: Finish Mythical Creature- adding embellishments

    December/January: Clay Project and Glazing, Perspective Drawing



    Each month we will have 2-4 experimental studio days where students will plan an activity for the studio time.  Some supplies may need to be brought in for this activity.  More information will be given in class.  If you have questions, contact me at rebecca.l.williams@lcps.org.



Last Modified on November 12, 2019