Virginia and United States History

    Mrs. Dorn


     Course Description

    This course examines Virginia and United States History including the historical development of American ideas and institutions from the Age of Exploration to the present. While focusing on political and economic history, this course will provide students with a basic knowledge of American culture through a chronological survey of major issues, movements, people, and events in United States and Virginia history. Students will use historical and geographical analysis skills to explore in depth the events, people, and ideas that fostered our national identity and led to our country’s prominence in world affairs.

    Main Topics:

    • Early America: Early Claims, Early Conflicts
    • Revolution and the New Nation
    • Expansion and Reform: 1788 to 1860
    • Civil War and Reconstruction: 1860 to 1877
    • Reshaping the Nation and the Emergence of Modern America: 1877 to 1930s
    • Conflict: The World at War: 1939 to 1945
    • The United States since World War II

     Course Textbook

    The Americans, Gerald A. Danzer, J. Jorge Klor de Alva, Larry S. Krieger, Louis E. Wilson, Nancy Woloch, Evanston, Illinois, McDougal Littell 2003.

    CREDIT INFO: This course provides one of the credits required for a Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma. A Standards of Learning test is given at the end of this course.


    Grading is in accordance with Social Studies Department guidelines for VA/US History. Tests and quizzes are worth 80% and classwork/homework is worth 20%. Students grades will be posted in the online grade book on PARENTVUE. Grades are numeric not a letter grade. Therefore, if a 30 question assessment is given and the student answers 27 correctly, the grade will be 27. The online grade book assigns a numeric and letter cumulative grade based on all assignments/assessments that are recorded and posts them in the grade book. There are, however, some letter grades which can be posted. They are as follows:

    - X indicates the student is exempt from the assignment or assessment

    - Z indicates the work is missing or not turned in or the test or quiz has not been taken. The grade is therefore a 0.

    - S indicates the student was absent on the due date

    - L indicates the work was turned in late.

    - R indicates the absolute lowest grade that can be assigned which is a 50.

     Honor Code

    Each member of the class is expected to follow a code of conduct and the BWHS Honor Code that reflects a respect for the worth and dignity of all.  Absolutely no cheating or academic dishonesty will be tolerated.  No warnings will be given.  Any student involved in a cheating incident will be referred to administration. 

    Class Policies

    1. Mutual Respect.
    2. Be on time.
    3. Be prepared-- bring your textbook, pen/pencil, 3 ring binder or folder, paper.
    4. NO PHONES.
    5. You are responsible for all assignments when absent. Classwork/homework and assignments will be posted on the Phoenix gradebook (NOT VISION!)

    Late work, missed work – Homework, classwork, assignments and projects not turned in on time will receive a grade of zero. **** If you are absent from class, your work MUST be turned in the day you RETURN to class. If you do not have missed work, you will receive a grade of a zero. It is your responsibility to make-up a quiz or test ASAP. Tests and quizzes are expected to be made up the day you return to class.

    1. NO PHONES.
    2. All work must be the student’s own. Downloaded or copied work will result in a zero. The Briar Woods Honor Code will be followed and the administration will be notified of any cheating.
    3. When in doubt about behavior or class rules follow the BWHS student handbook.
    4. Food and Drink are permitted in the classroom as long as students are discreet and maintain a clean classroom.  Do not abuse the privilege.

    Contact Information

    The best way to reach me is through the school email which is susan.dorn@lcps.org. I will respond as soon as I am able. You can also call the school at 703-957-4400.