• Attached are the 2017 Virginia Standards of Learning. Please refer to the grade level appropriate for your student. VA English SOLs 9-12


    Need help with writing a thesis statement or perhaps you aren't sure how to integrate original source material into your persuasive essay? Answers can be found at Indiana University's IU Writing Tutorials and Videos page. 

    English Writing SOL Resources


    English Reading SOL Resources

    •  The best way to practice for the Reading SOL is to read for pleasure. Please reference the "Choices 2018" reading list from ILA Literacy Today Foundation: ILA Choice List

    •  Several released Reading SOL exams: SOL PASS

    • Test NAV will familiarize your student with the FORMAT of the SOL Exam: TEST NAV8 

      Be sure to select "practice items set" which is found in the lower-right corner. The text is in blue. From there, select "reading" and the "End of Course" level.


    SAT Prep: 


    ACT Prep: 

    • ACT Materials are available here: ACT Prep Guide

    • Products and services offered by ACT: ACT Products

    • ACT Practice from "Test Prep Tool Kit": ACT Practice You'll need to scroll down for a while before coming to the actual study materials