Rigor Relevance Framework

What is Quad D Learning?

  • What is Quad D Learning?


    Quad D Learning comes from the research and work of Dr. Bill Daggett, Chairman of the International Center for Leadership in Education.  Quad D describes learning that is characterized by high academic rigor as well as the application of knowledge to solve real-world problems. Students who are exposed to Quad D learning have the competence to think in complex ways and to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to solve predictable, and unpredictable problems. In Quad D learning, students acquire the ability to use their extensive knowledge and skills to create solutions, and to take actions that further develop their skills and knowledge. The Quad D concept springs from the Rigor-Relevance framework that combines measures of academic rigor with an application model. Rigor is defined with Bloom’s Taxonomy, which begins with knowledge and awareness, and builds toward higher-order thinking skills. Thus, students proceed from simple knowledge acquisition to comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.  More information can found found at: http://leadered.com/our-philosophy/rigor-relevance-framework.php