• High School Athletics

  • The High School Athletic Departments believe that a properly managed sports program helps meet students’ need for self-expression, mental alertness and physical growth. Our obligation is to maintain sound programs to further students’ emotional and physical maturity. 

    Students who enlist in one of our sports programs make choices and commitments to certain responsibilities: self-discipline, self-denial and prescribed training habits.  To remain on the squad, all students are expected to comply with the rules of training and conduct, to discipline their minds and bodies for rigorous competition and to recognize the rights of other team members.

    We encourage students to become involved in their school's athletic program.

    National studies and research indicate that:

    Ø Participation in athletics and activities promotes citizenship.

    Ø Students involved in activities have higher grade point averages than do non-participants                                      .

    Ø Students involved in activities have better attendance records than do non-participants.

    Ø Of all students who drop out of school, 96 percent are NOT involved in school activities.

    Ø Participation in school activities is one of the most accurate predictors of success after college

    We look forward to working with your student-athletes.

  • Supervisor of Athletics, Derek Farrey



    Supervisor of Athletics

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Last Modified on July 20, 2018