• There are a lot of great activities that you and your child can do at home to help foster their love of art.

    Keep Calm and Love Art

    Here are just a few ideas:



    - Practice using shapes to draw people and animals.

    - Color with crayons, markers and colored pencils. Practice staying inside the lines and using your hand to color rather than your whole arm.

    - Draw outside with sidewalk chalk.

    - Visit Art For Kids Hub online and draw along with their tutorials.

    - Look carefully at the world around you. Notice where the horizon is, how objects overlap and how objects are comprised of shapes.



    - Use food coloring or paint to experiment with how colors mix. You can do this with slime, cookie icing and lots of other FUN stuff!

    - Paint with water on the sidewalk. Practice holding a paintbrush properly.

    - Use watercolor or tempera paint to make your own creations.

    - Watch "The Joy of Painting" with Bob Ross.

    - Use large pieces of paper, tape it to the wall or fence and get messy making BIG art!



    - Play with Play-doh, Crayola Model Magic or modeling clay.

    - Build with blocks, Keva Planks or Legos. 

    - Practice folding paper, make paper fans or origami.

    - Create with pipe cleaners or other easily bendable wire. Practice connecting and twisting the wire.

    - Create diaramas or other 3-D scenes.



    - Practice cutting different shapes. Cut along a line or try to "draw with scissors" and cut without a line.

    - Practice using liquid glue. Notice how little you need to make it really stick.

    - Create scrapbook pages, greeting cards or posters using paper, scissors and glue.

    - Create art with Washi tape. Practice tearing the tape with your fingers.

    - Cut out pictures from magazines. Put them together to make your own image.



    - Practice tying knots. (Learning how to tie shoes is great practice for this!)

    - Use a Rainbow Loom or embroidery floss to create friendship bracelets.

    - Work on a small cross stich kit.

    - Play with lacing cards.

    - Visit the Barefoot Weavers Studio in Purcellville.



    - Play with stamps and ink pads.

    - Create your own potato stamps.

    - Create art with your handprints or fingerprints.

    - Use toys (espcially toy cars) to create impressions in Play-Doh. Explore the different shapes and patterns you can create.

    - Dip your toys in paint then stamp them on paper.



    - Visit one of the many FREE art museums in Washington D.C.

    - Visit the many artists galleries in and around Loudoun County (The Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tour is a great event, usually in June.)

    - Check out the NGA Kids ArtZone online.

    - Check out #metkids online.

    - Go for hikes, work in the garden, take nature walks, notice as many details as possible.



Last Modified on June 15, 2018