•  Wondering what you can do at home?  

    1. Encourage your child to go on the "Music Fun" page and play the games. 

    2. Encourage your child to listen to many different styles of music. Put on some Mozart while you're reading or Beethoven while you're resting. Long drive? Change the radio to different stations along the way. Listen to a new style of music and talk about what you hear.

    3. Ask your child to sing you a song for you; it could be a song we learned in class or their favorite song.

    4. If you have a 4th or 5th grader, encourage them to play their recorders at home. Visit Google Classroom for materials. 

    5. Visit the following sites:

    Instruments of the Orchestra
    Virtual Piano
    Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra


Last Modified on December 4, 2019