• Central Office Climate Survey Reports

    School climate is traditionally measured by considering the perceptions of students, parents, and school staff about the conditions within the school that impact student achievement. In order to develop a more complete assessment of the climate in the school division, the leadership of Loudoun County Public Schools initiated an additional survey of central office staff who work in the division-level offices that support school administrators and teachers in their work with students.  

    The division-level staff survey was administered in March 2018 to collect data about the perceptions of central office staff regarding some of the organizational climate factors that influence student achievement. Closely aligned to the school staff survey, the questions addressed topics such as collaborative work environment, student-centered vision and mission, department leadership, and division leadership. The division-level staff survey is intended to be used with the results of the parent, student, and school staff surveys to identify strengths and areas for growth across Loudoun County Public Schools as we strive to create optimal learning opportunities for our students.

    Reports have been published for each department, as well as the central office as a whole. 

    For more information about how to use the survey reports, review the guidelines in the Annual Division-Level Staff Survey Reference Guide.


    Central Office Staff Survey Report

    Department Reports

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    Digital Innovation

    Human Resources and Talent Development


    Pupil Services

    Support Services

Last Modified on January 15, 2020