June 2023

     Dear Parents,


    Welcome to the STEP (Starting Towards Excellence in Preschool) Program at Rolling Ridge Elementary.  We are excited about beginning a new school year (2023-2024) and are looking forward to meeting you and your child.  You will receive information in August about visiting the classroom and meeting the teachers.  

    The following information about STEP will be helpful to you: 

    • AM class meets 7:10 to 10:20. Breakfast will be provided for children in the morning. 
    • PM class meets 11:15 to 2:05. Lunch will be provided for children in the afternoon.
    • There is no cost to you for meals and you do not need to send any food to school.
    • The only school supply your child will need is a REGULAR SIZE BACKPACK (NO WHEELS please).
    • All other supplies will be provided.


       STEP STAFF: 

    Teachers: Ms. Lora Webber (room 8) and Mrs. Robin Durham (room 10).

     Assistants: Mrs. Paola Ingalls  (room 8) and Mrs. Ami Braddock (room10).


    Here are some ways to help prepare your child for school:

    • Read together every day and talk about what happens in the story
    • Practice independently using the bathroom, including washing hands 
    • Work towards dressing independently, including buttoning and zipping coats
    • Practice sharing, taking turns, playing together and cleaning up after playing 
    • Ask your child a variety of questions (who, what, where) and remind them to answer with a complete sentence


    We look forward to meeting your family and having a successful school year. 


Last Modified on June 9, 2023