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    Some people struggle to pronounce my name, so please feel free to call me "Mr. Martin" (my first name). This year at Lunsford Middle School, I will be working with 7th and 8th grade English Learners. I will be team-teaching classes in English 7 and 8, Science 7 and 8, American History 7, and civics. I will also offer two Resource classes with a special focus on reading and writing.


    I grew up in Geneva, New York, where I graduated as class valedictorian at Geneva High School. I later attended Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where I graduated with a degree in International Politics. After graduation I worked at both the Washington Post and the World Bank for several years. Then, I started teaching at an English institute in Arlington, Virginia and found my true calling. After that I taught English in Peru, the Republic of Korea, and Indonesia. I spent over five years in Asia soaking up the cultures and beauty of many countries.


    When I returned to the USA, I studied at GMU and earned my Masters degree in Bilingual and Multicultural Education. I was hired as a full-time teacher at South Lakes High School in Fairfax County, where I was selected as teacher of the year and also became a Fulbright exchange teacher in Argentina after my third year of teaching. I have maintained my connection and continued exchanges between the USA and Argentina for the last several years.


    During my time at South Lakes, I  sponsored the South Lakes International Club for Entertainment/Education (SLICE), and  published many richly layered literary magazines written by my talented students. This continued after I joined the Transitional ESOL High School program for young adults for several years.


    Now I am teaching full-time at the J. Michael Lunsford Middle School community in the hope that I can help my students to master English through their content area classes. I want them to learn to express themselves with confidence, to show pride in their cultures, and to share the unique stories they add to the Lunsford community. In turn, I will share my experiences about travel and languages. Together, we will learn from one another.


    Contact: Mr.Van Opdorp