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    To view current athletic schedules, click on "High School Athletic Websites" link below. 

  • The High School Athletic Departments believe that a properly managed sports  program helps meet students’ need for self-expression, mental alertness and physical growth. Our obligation is to maintain sound programs to further students’ emotional and physical maturity.

     Students who enlist in one of our sports programs make choices and commitments to certain responsibilities: self-discipline, self-denial and prescribed training habits. To remain on the squad, all students are expected to comply with the rules of training and conduct, to discipline their minds and bodies for rigorous competition and to recognize the rights of other team members. 

    We encourage students to become involved in their school's athletic program.

  • National studies and research indicate that

    • Participation in athletics and activities promotes citizenship
    • Students involved in activities have higher grade point averages than do non-participants
    • Students involved in activities have better attendance records than do non-participants
    • Of all students who drop out of school, 96 percent are NOT involved in school activities
    • Participation in school activities is one of the most accurate predictors of success after college 

    We look forward to working with your student athletes.

  • Athletic Champions


  • FAQ's on Virginia HS League (VHSL) Transfer Rule


     Per School Board Policy 8155 School Assignment

    Identifying and evaluating all implications of changing schools by special permission is the responsibility of parents or guardians prior to submitting a request. Implications may include but are not limited to, changes in future-year capacity that precludes renewal of the request for special permission and certain athletic or league participation restrictions. For example, athletic eligibility is determined by the Virginia High School League (VHSL) Handbook rules that are based upon the school of enrollment for a first time ninth grade student. Under VHSL rules, subsequent student-requested transfers (or returning to a regular school of assignment) will generally result in 365 days of ineligibility unless there is an actual corresponding change of residence of the parents or guardian. For transfers required by the school division, waivers from these restrictions may be considered by the Division Superintendent in accordance with VHSL rules. Parents or guardians are responsible for understanding all potential consequences of changing schools by special permission. 

      Official enrollment in a school is defined as official registration and attendance in classes for at least three school days or engaging in a contest, regardless of whether or not the student has officially registered in the school or attended classes. 

    Special Permissions are considered a transfer by the VHSL and students must meet the established criteria in order to participate in athletics.


    A student shall not have enrolled in one high school and subsequently transferred to and enrolled in another high school without a corresponding change in the residence of his/her parents, parent, or guardian. 

    VHSL Policy Manual Reference 

                28A-7-1 (1) Transfer Rule/Move Requirement – A student who moves from one school to another with no move on the part of his/her parents is ineligible.  The student can become eligible immediately when his/her parents move to the zone served by the student’s new school.

                 28A-7-2 (4) The first time a student transfers from a non-member high school to a member school of the attendance area of the student’s parents or guardians, he/she shall be eligible immediately provided that he/she has been enrolled in the non-member school a minimum of one full year, or has never been enrolled at a member school or is returning to the member school where he/she had been enrolled and has been eligible immediately prior to his/her transfer to the non-member school and that he/she has not participated at the school from which he/she transferred in the sport, during a different season, in which he/she wishes to participate during the current school year at the member school to which he/she transfers. For the purpose of this exception only, the student must have been a ward of the guardian for at least one semester prior to his/her transfer. If the transfer occurs during a sports season, Contest Limitation Rule (54-3-1) guidelines would be binding.

     28A-7-3 (4) A student who attends a school other than the one serving the school district in which his/her parents reside must comply with one of the exceptions in 28A-7-2 to establish his/her eligibility. Also, a student who has established his/her eligibility at a school other than the one serving the school district in which his/her parents reside must comply with one of the exceptions in 28A-7-2 to establish his/her eligibility if he/she returns to the school serving the school district in which his/her parents reside. 

     Frequently asked questions and answers:
    1.  If I am a currently enrolled high school student and I voluntarily choose to attend a high school under the special permission provision of School Board Policy 8155 (School Assignment) different from my home school, will I remain eligible for VHSL athletics? 


    ANSWER:  No.  The VHSL Transfer Rule (28-6-1) prohibits a current high school student from transferring without a corresponding change in his/her parents’ residence.  This period of ineligibility lasts for 365 consecutive calendar days. 


    2.  I heard that the school system can grant a “waiver” so I can remain eligible for VHSL athletics? 

    ANSWER:  A waiver may be considered for transfers that are required or mandated by the school system or are for the welfare of the student or school system but not for athletic/activity reasons


    3.  I am a rising 9th-grade student and I would like to apply for special permission to transfer to a high school other than my home high school for next year.  If I file during the period for filing applications as provided by School Board Policy 8155, will I be eligible for VHSL athletics at the other high school? 

    ANSWER:  Yes.  A student’s eligibility for VHSL athletics/activities begins when they enter the 9th grade for the first time.  A student remains eligible at the high school they enter as a 9th grader for 8 consecutive semesters as long as they remain continuously enrolled at the high school.  If you did not like your transfer high school and wanted to return to your home high school the following year, then you would be ineligible for 365 consecutive days.  If, however, you were prevented from attending the transfer high school the following year because the high school no longer had the capacity, then a waiver may be considered.    


    4.  What happens if a student is mistakenly allowed to play in VHSL athletics even though he or she is actually ineligible due to the Transfer Rule? 

    ANSWER:  The high school that allowed the student to play when he or she was ineligible will forfeit all of the games in which the student played.  Other sanctions are possible against the school depending upon the situation.


  • Athletic Forms Required for Participation

    The VHSL physical form is the only paper form that you will need to turn into the athletic office at your school prior to participating in try-outs.  All remaining forms must be filled out online through the activity registration link on each of the school's athletic websites.
    PLEASE NOTE:  These forms are available only for viewing below.

    KK Voluntary Accident Football Insurance Form

    Physical Form  (VHSL) - Physical must be dated May 1, 2021, or after, in order to be valid for the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Athletic Training Program

    The LCPS ATP is dedicated to the well-being of student-athletes and alliance with parents, coaches, LCPS staff, medical professionals and the community.

    For specific information, click here

  • High School Athletic Websites

    Click on individual links to connect to each school's athletic webpage.

  • Important Dates

    Many schools will be offering sports physicals this spring for a nominal fee for all student-athletes.  Please check with each individual school for details and to schedule an appointment.
    Designated non-practice/play dates for 2020-2021 - (This includes off-season practices, conditioning or weight lifting) - November 25 and 26, December 24, 25 and January 1, April 1, 2, and 3.
    Spring Break Special Exception Rule: LCPS varsity athletic teams may participate in tournaments and invitationals through the entirety of spring break week.  The tournaments and invitationals must be held outside of Loudoun County.  Athlete attendance Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is voluntary.
    No Sunday practices will be held.

    Athletes should be prepared to practice/play on all other holidays/teacher workdays. An athlete must always consult his/her coach before missing a practice or game.

  • Postponements & Cancellations

    Please check individual school websites for rescheduled dates and any further information.

  • Sports Season Tryout Start Dates


    These are the first official tryout start dates set by the Virginia High School League and Loudoun County Public Schools






    AUGUST 2nd

    NOVEMBER 8th

    FEBRUARY 21st


    AUGUST 1st

    NOVEMBER 7th

    FEBRUARY 20th


    JULY 31ST








    Starting dates may vary – check with your individual school for specific dates

    Fall Sports                
    Field Hockey  
    Cross Country 
    Competition Cheerleading 

    Winter Sports            
    Boys Basketball 
    Girls Basketball 



    Indoor Track 


    Spring Sports            

    Baseball (Boys)
    Softball (Girls)
    Boys Soccer
    Girls Soccer
    Boys Tennis
    Girls Tennis
    Boys Track and Field
    Girls Track and Field

    Boys Lacrosse

    Girls Lacrosse
    Rowing (Crew)


  • Student Accident & Insurance Brochure

    The Voluntary Student Accident and Football Accident Insurances offer various options on benefit plans of coverage from which you may choose. If you already have insurance coverage through another policy, these accident plans pay benefits for those eligible expenses in excess of and not paid by your primary insurance.   Student Accident & Insurance Brochure

  • Eligibility and Student Activities Handbook



    In order for a student to participate on a Loudoun County Public School athletic team, each athlete must have satisfied all of the scholastic eligibility requirements prior to participation.  These regulations state that ll athletes:
    • Cannot receive money or awards for playing
    • Cannot sign a contract to play professional sports while they still maintain high school eligibility
    • Cannot be 19 on or before August 1st of the current year
    • Must pass five courses the previous semester and be currently taking five courses
    • Must not repeat courses for eligibility purposes for which credit has been previously awarded
    • Must attend school the day of the game, and
    • Must be in school by no later than 15 minutes after the first bell to begin the school day and must remain in school that entire day. Exceptions may be made for a doctor or dental appointment or reasons excused by the principal. 
    • Eighth-grade students who become 14 years of age by August 1 are eligible for sub-varsity athletics at the high school they would attend.
    Any student that is academically ineligible for the winter sports tryouts will remain ineligible for the entire winter season. 
    Students must complete and turn in the following forms before trying out for a sports team:
       * Virginia High School League Physical Form
       * Emergency Medical Form
       * Acknowledgement of Risk/Parent Consent Form/Insurance Notification
       *LCPS Athletic Training Rules/Acknowledgement of Athletic Handbook Rules and Regulations
       *Concussion Protocol/ImPAct Testing Signature Page 


  • VHSL Handbook

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