Arcola Elementary is proud to present a unique opportunity for our students and families to participate in over the summer. We are inviting the entire community (parents,staff, community members and ALL students) to join us in our "One School, One Book, One Voice" project.  This project is a movement designed to get an entire school community, including parents, involved in the joy of reading.  The theme of both reading selections are promoting kindness and acceptance of others.

    Ordinary Marys Extraordinary Deed


    The benefits of reading aloud with your children is remarkable!  Reading to children helps them to listen better and longer, it enhances their vocabulary, builds on their comprehension skills, and allows students to have a positive attitude about the books they've read and about learning. Let's not forget the overall excitemnet of building the communicty in our school family as well.  Nothing can beat spending quality time with your children while promoting the benefits of reading and our school.

    Please join us this summer with this wonderful way of promoting reading in our school. We'll be discussing these books with the students in the Fall.