• Researching... 


                ...from Ancient...                      ...to Modern...

    ...can be as easy as 1,2,3, when you use your library! 

    1) Use the databases (LCPS GO > LIBRARY RESOURCES> ABC CLIO) to find information you need.

    Library Resources     ⇒   ABC CLIO  ⇒ ABC CLIO

    From LCPS GO, go to Library Resources and choose the ABC-CLIO World History Databases and do an ADVANCED SEARCH to find your ancient civilization or modern country.                     

    2) Save your information with the MLA Citations from the ABC-CLIO Databases to Google Drive.

    SAVE  ⇒    google

     3) Use the Google Docs MLA Report to format your research paper.

    google docs  


    Everything you need is in LCPS GO (Library Resources and your school Google Drive). Your login is the same as your computer login.

    Make sure you use your school Google account (not your personal account) to access the MLA Report template. You can access your school Google account from LCPS GO.  

    In the databases, do an ADVANCED SEARCH to find your specific ancient civilization or country. 

    Stop by the library if you have any questions! Good luck! 

    you got this