Brambleton Middle School Library works to:
    • provide access to a wide range of resources in many formats.
    • create lifelong learners by promoting the love of reading in all formats.
    • instruct students and staff to locate, evaluate and use information responsibly.
    • ensure the diversity (race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic, religion, sexual orientation, gender) and commonality of the world is represented by the collection.
    • collaborate with staff in the development of authentic educational experiences that support and enhance the curriculum. 


    Brambleton Middle School Library will:
    • protect the reading rights of all patrons.
    • encourage the love of reading and learning.
    • create and enforce policies that are identified as best practices of 21st century libraries by the American Association of School Librarians.
    • serve as a hub for all educational disciplines.
    • encourage individual curiosity by providing hands-on-learning experiences in our Makerspace.
    • create a warm, welcoming environment for all students and staff by providing comfortable places to read, play, think and create.


    Brambleton Middle School Library is:
    • a 21st century library that addresses the needs of a changing global society.
    • an open, friendly, welcoming place that embraces cultural and ethnic diversity.
    • an inclusive environment that addresses the needs of all patrons.
    • an essential resource for educational excellence.