Circulation Policies          



    The number of items students may check-out are as follows:

    Kindergarten: 1 item 

    1st grade:  3 item

    2nd grade: 3 items

    3rd grade: 3 items

    4th grade: 4 items

    5th grade: 5 items

    Additional materials may be checked out for school projects.

    The loan period for items is two weeks.   

    Materials may be renewed unless they have been requested by another student.  

    Items become overdue after 2 weeks. 

    Students are told at their checkout time if they have overdue books. 

    There are no fines for overdue books,

    but students may be charged for lost or damaged items. 

    If a lost item is found after a payment was made, 

    a refund will be given if the book has not already been replaced. 

    Once an item is replaced a refund is no longer possible and the item is yours to keep.