• Participation in Dual Enrollment (DE) courses allows students to meet requirements for high school graduation while simultaneously earning college credits upon successful completion of the course. DE courses taught at the high school by a credentialed LCPS teacher enable students to earn these credits through agreements with partnering colleges or universities. DE course descriptions list the number of college credits that can be earned.


    DE course offerings in LCPS high schools are determined by student interest, existing course offerings, and availability of teachers possessing the endorsements required to teach the course. Not all DE courses will be available at all LCPS high schools. Students should speak with their school counselor to determine which courses are available at their high school.


    If a student enrolls in a DE course, they may be required to meet certain admission criteria set forth by the partnering college or university. Students will work directly with their high school to determine what those requirements may be and how to register for that course. DE courses through Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) are available for students in 11th and 12th grades, and students must pass the Virginia Placement Test (VPT) administered by NVCC or by a substitute assessment, such as the PSAT or SAT. In addition, there may be certain prerequisites required for specific courses. Some DE classes may require a tuition payment.


    John Champe High School offers the following NOVA DE courses:


    NOVA Course(s) Prefix and Number

    College Credits

    High School Course

    HS Credits

    ENGLISH 111/112




    HISTORY 121/122




    MATH 265





    How do I take a DE Class?


    • Speak with your School Counselor
    • Apply to NOVA and obtain a NOVA ID
    • Qualify for course based on test scores see below. If you don't meet the qualifying DE scores listed below, you will have to take the Virginia Placement Test (VPT). it is the student's responsibility to go to the Loudoun Campus and test, see your School Counselor for specific information. 
    • Fill out the NOVA DE Intent form
    • Return the form to School Counseling before June 30, 2020


    The transferability of a college course to another college or university for credit is determined by the receiving institution. Normally, academic courses intended for transfer with a grade of "C" or better will transfer to four-year institutions of higher learning; however, no guarantee can be made to students regarding transferability to all colleges and universities. This information may be found on most college and university websites or by contacting the office of admissions.