• COURSE TITLE: Health – Physical Education – Grade 10


    DESCRIPTION: Students are offered a wide variety of challenging activities with a major emphasis on fitness for

    life. The instructional time is divided between health education and physical education. Driver

    Education is taught during the first semester. CPR and First Aid are taught during the second

    semester. Physical Fitness Testing takes place in the fall and spring. The Physical Education

    Standards of Learning identify the fives strands listed below.

    Skilled Movement

    Students will demonstrate proficiency in all fundamental movement skills and patterns

    and competence in several specialized movement forms.

    Movement Principles and Concepts

    Students will apply movement principles and concepts to learning and developing motor

    skills and specialized movement forms.

    Personal Fitness

    Students will achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of personal fitness.

    Responsible Behaviors

    Students will demonstrate personal and social behaviors in physical activity settings.

    Physically Active Lifestyle

    Students will demonstrate a physically active lifestyle, including activity within and

    outside of the physical education setting.

    MAIN TOPICS: Aerobics Archery

    Bowling Golf

    Floor Hockey Soccer

    Weight Training Physical Fitness Testing

    Tennis Team Handball

    OPTIONAL TOPICS: Basketball Track and Field

    Flag Football Volleyball

    Badminton Softball

    HEALTH: CPR First Aid

    Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs Family Life Education

    DRIVER EDUCATION: 10 modules to include these topics:

    Highway Transportation System Protective Systems Legal Responsibilities

    Road Hazards Signs, Signals, and Right-of-Ways Road Emergency

    Vehicle Control Systems of a Motor Vehicle Time and Space Management

    Basic Maneuvers Interacting with Other Highway Users

    Influences on Driver Behavior Being prepared for Hazards and Emergencies

    Alcohol and Drugs SEEiT Process (Search, Evaluate, and Execute in Time)

    Adverse Conditions Road Rage Prevention

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