• Thank you for considering to try out for the John Champe High School Varsity Dance Team!  Below you will find some information about the style of dance we compete in, the performance and technical requirements, and the schedule and financial commitments.  We will be competing in the pom category this year so dancers will be expected to keep up with rigorous choreography involving technique, style, and performance. In order to make the JCHS Dance Team great, performance requirements go beyond solid execution of technical skills. Dancers must also have stage presence to include not just simply smiling, but also energy and style as well. In addition to technique, dancers should also be familiar with basic pom motions and be able to work with pom poms.


    Attitude, Academics, and Respect

    Dance Team is a great way of getting involved in the school but in order to function as a team these are the expectations that everyone on the team MUST follow. RESPECT: Number one rule is to be respectful of your coach and team mates. This means being accountable for your actions, what you say, and how you act. You are held to a higher standard for being a representative of the school and promoting school spirit. Academics: Your academics should be your first priority. If your grades drop or you find yourself struggling, you must seek help. If your grades drop significantly (as in TWO letter grades or if you are failing in a class) you will be placed on probation and will not be allowed to perform until your grades have been improved.  Positive Attitude: Check any attitudes and drama at the door. Your focus during practice is DANCE. If there is a conflict with a team member please try to resolve it first with each other in a respectful and mature manner. If you are having any issues, be proactive and talk to the coach about what is going on. School Spirit: At Champe, we are all family. The dance team is to support ALL Champe activities and sports in a positive manner even yourselves. This means not talking negatively about another group or activity. If you don’t have something positive to contribute keep it to yourself.  


    School Performance Attendance Policy 

    Dance practice times are TBD for the 2021-2022 year, as we prepare to get back to the new normal. Practices are primarily used to prepare for performances such as halftime shows, pep rallies, competitions, and other exhibitions.  In order to perform in these events, the following attendance policy is in place: A dancer must be able to attend ALL practices (typically 3-4) designated for preparation for a specific performance. If you are going to miss a practice you MUST contact Mrs. Haug. If you miss the any of the last two practices before a performance, you will NOT be performing. These practices are important part of preparing and finishing routines before performances. Also you must put in the work, come prepared to work every practice, and put forth your best effort. No matter the practice or the performance you are expected to be ready to go on time. This means you are dressed and ready at the meeting place to start warm ups for practice or a performance. 

    The dance team calendar will explicitly state practice times and locations.  Reminder: ALL practices are MANDATORY.


    Commitment and Financial Requirements

    Commitment requirements for Dance Team include, first and foremost, the ability to participate in all the scheduled performances and competitions; unless of an extenuating circumstance. UDA Dance Camp will be an available option detailed further after tryouts. It is important to note that while we do fundraise to help with fees for competitions, dancers and their families will be required to pay for uniforms, camp gear, and camp fees. Secondly, dancers must be able attend all competition practices in order to compete with the team. The full dance team calendar will be sent out to all members once tryouts are complete. 


    If you have any additional questions please email Coach Haug at Kristin.Haug@lcps.org.