• Middle School Information

      The vision of Virtual Loudoun Online is to cultivate quality, flexible, self-paced, virtual learning.

      Virtual Loudoun Online courses are unavailable to middle school students during Terms 1 and 2. They may enroll in one (1) course in Term 3-Spring/Summer Session. Available courses are listed in the chart below. Please see our Calendar page for this term's start/end dates and registration deadlines.

      Note:  LCPS middle schools unable to satisfy a World Language course for an 8th-grade student (not offered at the home school or unavailable at the cluster high school) can request permission with VLO administration to register and approve for either a Term 1 or Term 2 World Language course. Students must be scheduled with an additional resource block to accommodate this asynchronous option.

      Grade Online Spring/Summer Term Courses
      Rising 9th Yes Econ/Personal Finance or Health/PE 9
      World Languages and Math courses that follow the established course progression
      Rising 8th Yes - Math Courses

      Must complete Middle School Course progression and understand that further courses may NOT be available at the Middle School level

      Schools and families should review the Virtual Loudoun Online web page and consider the “Indicators for Successful Virtual Learners” before enrolling in an online course.


      Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

      • Students are not permitted to audit Virtual Loudoun Online courses.
      • Per Policy 5035: Expunging Middle School Student Grades
        • Summer courses taken following the promotion of seventh grade are eligible for expungement.
        • Summer courses taken following the promotion of eighth grade are not eligible for expungement. Final Grades for Virtual Loudoun Term 3 (Summer) courses for rising 9th graders will remain on students’ high school transcript and count towards their GPA.



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