School Board Committees & Meeting Minutes

  • 2024 School Board

2024 Committees and Liaison Appointments

  • The Loudoun County School Board maintains committees to facilitate its supervision of the school division.

    The School Board charters the standing committees listed below.

    Committee documents from January 2019 to the present are available in the Meeting Agendas & Documents tab. Committee documents prior to January 2019 are available through the committee links in the list below. 

    The School Board has chartered an ad hoc committee for the 2019-2020 school year:

    Two committees recently completed their work:

    • Ad Hoc Committee on Special Education—responsible for reviewing policies and making recommendations regarding Special Education services.
    • Discipline Task Force—responsible for reviewing data, practices and standards related to school discipline and making recommendations to the Discipline Committee.

    For a full description of the School Board’s committee structure, please read Policy 2310.

    Read the complete listing of appointments to the 2024 Committees* for the Loudoun County School Board.

    *Non-committee member School Board members may attend and participate (but not vote). If one or more additional board members attend and participate, then this notice shall serve as public notice of a board meeting and/or informal assemblage.

Board Meetings & Documents

  • Loudoun County Public Schools utilizes an online document service to share agendas, minutes and supporting documents associated with Standing and Select School Board Committees. 

    Through the online system the public can view agendas and supporting documents associated with each School Board Standing Committee Meeting. This allows for viewing and/or printing information prior to meetings. This electronic system not only saves time and resources, it also provides the public greater access to information that Board Members use to make decisions.
    • Agenda and supporting documentation, if available, will be active for public viewing three days before the meeting.
    • All documents associated with meetings are automatically archived and can be searched by meeting date or by using the comprehensive search feature.
    • Video archives of School Board meetings are also located in the system and can be searched by meeting date or by using the comprehensive search feature.

    If you have any questions regarding the Board Meetings & Documents system, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 571-252-1020.


  •  To access approved committee meeting minutes, follow these steps after navigating to the Board Meetings & Documents system:

    • From the landing page, select “Enter Public Site"
    • Select the “Meetings” tab on the top of the page
    • From the left-hand column, search for the desired committee meeting by scrolling through the chronological listing of meetings
    • Select the desired meeting then choose the “View the Agenda” icon which appears below the meeting information in the center of the page
    • Access approved minutes under the “Minutes” category of the meeting agenda



Last Modified on April 8, 2024