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    English 11

    Syllabus 2019-2020



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    Course Description

    In Grade 11 oral language instruction emphasizes the ability to give and to critique informative and persuasive presentations. The reading and literature component focuses on a survey of American literature and the ability to read and comprehend various kinds of manuals, business letters, newspapers, brochures, reports, catalogs, journals, speeches, biographies, and autobiographies. Writing instruction focuses on the ability to write persuasively, as well as personal, professional, and informational correspondence. In addition to research papers, students produce multimedia research reports.

    • Textbook: The Language of Literature (American Literature Edition) 
    • TWO SOL TESTS – Reading and Writing End of Course (EOC) tests


    Curriculum Objectives

    Communication: Speaking, Listening, Media Literacy

    11.1 The student will make informative and persuasive presentations.

    11.2 The student will examine how values and points of view are included or excluded and how media influences beliefs and behaviors


    11.3 The student will apply knowledge of word origins, derivations, and figurative language to extend vocabulary development in authentic texts.

    11.4 The student will read, comprehend, and analyze relationships among American literature, history, and culture. 

    11.5 The student will read and analyze a variety of nonfiction texts. 


    11.6 The student will write in a variety of forms, with an emphasis on persuasion

    11.7 The student will self- and peer-edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and paragraphing. 


    11.8 The student will analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and organize information from a

     variety of sources to produce a research product.


    Content Overview

    Tentative common texts:

    • The Crucible
    • The Things They Carried
    • The Great Gatsby
    • All-American Boys
    • Wonder
    • We Were Here
    • Speak

    Common literary themes:

    • Native American/Colonial literature
    • Persuasive and Revolutionary Literature
    • Romantic Literature
    • Modern and Postmodern Literature
    • Harlem Renaissance
    • Transcendentalism 
    • Modern Poetry

    Tentative writing genres and skills:

    • Thesis development
    • Essay structure
    • Responding to literature
    • Research writing and documentation
    • Persuasive writing
    • Poetry analysis
    • Grammar
    • Vocabulary
    • Nonfiction

    Independent Reading

    Students will be expected to pursue independent reading selections during class. Students will choose these selections, keep track of their reading, and discuss what they read with their classmates. The goal of the independent reading is to improve reading comprehension, fluency, and encourage personal interests.

    Nonfiction Emphasis

    Countering the classic literature, we will also pay special attention to reading nonfiction selections in class. We will be using the program NewsELA with our students, in addition to short stories and the like. NewsELA is a resource provided by the county in which students and teachers can find and read news articles about current events and topics related to class; the program allows us to affect the reading experience of our students through controlling lexile levels, providing multiple choice reading practice, and customizable lessons from the instructor. 

    SOL Preparation

    Because of the nature of our curriculum and needs of our students, there is a special emphasis on preparing our students for the end-of-course Standards of Learning exams in the spring. This preparation will involve student goal-setting, self-assessment, and various tools and services that allow data collection for student progress and achievement.



    LCPS Grading scale

    A+     98-100             C+ 77-79   

    A        93-97           C 73-76 

    A-       90-92           C- 70-72

    B+      87-89             D+ 67-69      

    B        83-86       D         63-66

    B-       80-82 D-        60-62  

                                        F         59 and below

    Make-Up Work and Retakes

    Students will be provided multiple opportunities, if needed, to demonstrate mastery through a variety of assessments.

    Late Work Policy

    Late work will be accepted through the end of the quarter in which it was assigned.



    After school remediation availability will be posted on the English Department website. Most after school sessions will take place two-to-three weeks prior to SOL testing dates. Activity buses will be available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Remediation during a students assigned PRIDE block will also be available as needed throughout the year.


    Academic Honor Code

    Park View’s goal is to promote a community of trust that will enhance student achievement and learning.  Students who accept responsibility for their own academic integrity learn and take pride in genuine achievement.    As members of the Park View community, we are dedicated to honesty, integrity, and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.  The Park View Honor Code represents expectations of behavior that are aligned with effectively preparing community members for success in a global society.   

    The Park View Honor Council oversees all Honor Code violations.  Students have the right to appeal any violations, as long as their appeal is submitted to the Honor Council within seven calendar days of violation notification.    

    The entirety of the Honor Code can be found on the PVHS homepage under Site Shortcuts and/or Our School at:  http://www.lcps.org/pvhs.        

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