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     1 Point Activites:

    Write in ABC order- write all of your words in ABC order

     Write Your sort- write your sort using the patterns you found.

    Take a Written Quiz- have a family member or friend give your student a quiz on their words.

    Write rhyming words- write rhyming words for 10 of your words.

    Break Words into Syllables- write your words and break them into syllables by boxing the syllables in or underlining them.


    3 Point Activities:

    Write at least 5 new words for your pattern - Write down five words, not in your sort, that can fit in your Word Study patterns


    Write 3x Each- Write every spelling word 3 times each.

    Write & Highlight- Write all of your words and highlight the feature. (What you are sorting the owords by. For example words that end with -ad: dad)


    5 Point Activities:

     Write sentences with words- Write sentences for all of your words.  

    Illustrate your words- Draw pictures for at least 10 of your words.


    7 Point Activities:

    Write a Story using your words- Write a story using all of your spelling words.

    Write Definitions for your words-Using a dictionary, online dictionary, OR using your child's own words have your child write definitions of all of their words.

    Make a word search-Create a word search that includes all of your weekly words and solve it.


    Please click here to watch the video explaining each activity