• Topics Covered in Third 9 Weeks

            Math 6

    1.  Add, subtract, multiply and divide two integers--SOL 6.6a
    2.  Solve practical problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with integers--SOL 6.6b
    3.  Recognize an represent patterns with bases and exponents- SOL 6.4
    3.  Solve 1 step equations involving whole number coefficients and positive rational solutions  SOL 6.13
    4.  Represent a particular situation with one variable linear inequality (6.14a)
    5. Given the graph of the linear inequality, represent the inequality two different ways using symbols SOL 6.14b)
    Foundations of Algebra
    1. Represent and solve two step linear equations in one variable SOL- (7.12)
    2. Represent solutions to in equalities algebraically and graghically SOL- (7.13)
    3. Given a proportional relationship between two quantities , create and use a ratio table to find missing vlaues SOL- (7.3)
    4. Solve problems involving tips, tax and discounts SOL- (7.3)
    5. Idsentify corresponding sides and corresponding congruent angles of similar  quadrilaterals and triangles SOL- (7.5)
    6. Determine the theoretical probability of an event SOL (7.8a)
    7. Differeence between expeimental and theoretical probability. SOL- (7.8b)
    8. Make obsservations and inferences about data reporesented in histogram. SOL- (7.9b)