All classwork is due on its assigned due date, Mrs. Cooper grades on a total points system per assignment, and weights for assignment categories. All classwork will be graded for full credit when turned in on time.


    • Fully completed work tured in:
      • 1 day late, up to 1 week late = 1/2 credit
        • Partially completed work will also receive 1/2 credit
      • Over 1 week late = 0
      • Work never turned in = 0



    • If absent day of a quiz, student will make up quiz the day they return to class. 
    • If not taken the day they return to class = 1/2 credit. 
    • If taken over a week late post absense = 0



    • If absent, labs must be completed within 1 week for full credit. 
    • Labs not completed within a week of absence = 0



    Example: John has homework due on Tuesday an A-day, however, he is sick and stays home. The next A-day is Wednesday and he is feeling better and is in class. His Tuesday homework is due today Wednesday, and would be considered late and worth 1/2 credit if turned in on Thurday through next Wednesday.  



    Any quiz or test within the current quarter may be retaken for a maximum of 80%. 

    To qualify for a retake, ALL of the following must occur: 

         1. All homework, assignments, classwork, and labs must be completed and turned in = no missing work. 

         2. All quizzes prior to a test retake must have a passing score. 

         3. Study guides must be completed and turned in. 

         4. A phone call with Mrs. Cooper to discuss the student's study habits and readiness for the retake. 


    Multiple retakes are allowed, the highest score will go into the gradebook.