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      2021 Winter/Spring Eligibility Process


      Winter/Spring Gifted Evaluations Delayed


      Due to COVID-19, the gifted evaluation process for winter/spring, 2021 will be delayed. The Gifted Education Department is currently developing a plan to evaluate this year’s 3rd - 5th grade students when it is safe and equitable to do so. 


      Please check this webpage (school webpage) and/or the LCPS Gifted and Talented webpage (https://www.lcps.org/Page/211705) for the most up-to-date information. As soon as the 2021 gifted evaluation timeline and referral window is established, it will be posted at these locations. 


      Thank you for your patience and understanding.

      2021 Winter/Spring Eligibility Process


      Gifted Eligibility Referral Window

      Dates to be determined 

      If you are interested in referring your child to be evaluated for gifted services, please submit a referral form to the gifted resource teacher at your child's school during the referral window mentioned above. Parent/Guardian Referral forms can be printed using the link below.

      If you have questions about the gifted eligibility process, contact the gifted resource teacher at your child's school. The gifted resource teacher is there to help guide you through this process.


      Determining eligibility for gifted services begins with a referral.  The process of gathering information from teachers, gathering student work for the portfolio, and testing (if necessary) takes time.  Since the division level committee reads the portfolios in late March, SEARCH and SPECTRUM teachers will not have enough time to prepare the portfolios for students whose referrals are received after the _________ deadline. Referrals must be submitted during the established referral window.


      For Parents of 3rd Grade Students

      District Referrals - Students with qualifying test scores on the CogAT and/or NNAT will receive a district referral via US mail on __________. With parent permission (via a signed referral form returned to school SEARCH teacher), these students will be evaluated for gifted services.

      Parent Referrals - Parents of students who did not receive a district referral letter, but who wish to have their children evaluated for gifted services, may submit a parent referral form to their child's SEARCH teacher from ______________ 


      For Parents of 4th and 5th Grade Students

      Parents of 4th and 5th grade students who wish to have their children evaluated for gifted services, may submit a parent referral form to their child's SEARCH teacher from ________________


      Parent/Guardian Referral Form 




      The first step in appealing the ineligible decision is to notify the Supervisor of Gifted Education in writing. There is an Appeals Form (see link below) that can be mailed to the Supervisor of Gifted Education, Wendy King, at 21000 Education Court, Ashburn, VA  20148. Parents have 10 days after receiving the letter notifying them of the ineligible decision.


      Next, parents should contact the SEARCH or SPECTRUM teacher to review the student's file to determine which criteria (testing, teacher/classroom observation, or student work) was not in support of gifted services. This will help parents determine what they should submit to the Appeals Committee. 


      The Gifted Education office will notify the parents of the date the Appeals Committee will review their appeal. All materials to be considered by the committee must be received by the Gifted Office by that date.


      Parents wishing to provide new testing scores provided by a Virginia licensed psychologist may need to reschedule their appeal date. Please contact the Gifted Education office. 






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