• Gus Martinez  

      Agustin D. Martinez, Director of Middle School Education


     PH: 571-252-1090
     FX: 571-252-1166

    Bird @Martinez_LCPS

    The Office of Middle School Education promotes high academic achievement, developmental responsiveness and equitable practices for all students. The Director of Middle School Education is responsible for the supervision and evaluation of school principals and direction regarding the assessment of their performance and accomplishments. As a principal supervisor, the Director coaches and supports principals and engages in effective learning strategies to help principals grow as leaders of learning. This is done through a focus on school leadership in relation to focusing direction, cultivating collaborative structures, deepening student learning, and securing accountability. The Director provides assistance in the development of the school improvement plan and monitors progress towards established goals. The Director assists principals in monitoring school operations, provides advice on implementation of policies, and responds to community inquiries about school operations.

    The Office of Middle School Education analyzes enrollment projections and available class space and prepares budget proposals for general education staffing including administrators, teachers, teacher assistants and support staff. The Director prepares and administers the budgeted per-pupil allotments for instructional materials and postage. This office oversees the site-based summer recovery programs typically offered during the month of July.

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