Office of Elementary Education

  • The Office of Elementary Education works to promote academic excellence in an inclusive environment, to enhance educational opportunities and equity for all elementary students, and to improve the quality of teaching through educational leadership. The director and executive principals of Elementary Education are responsible for the supervision and evaluation of elementary principals. As part of their principal supervision role, the director and executive principals coach and support principals while engaging in effective learning strategies to help principals grow as leaders of learning. This is done through a focus on school leadership in relation to focusing direction, cultivating collaborative structures, deepening student learning, and securing accountability.

    This office also supports principals with ongoing, research-based professional development to strengthen the connection between vision and action. This office also works with principals to ensure that school improvement plans are developed collaboratively with members of the school community and that decisions are based on student achievement data along with other specific school-level indicators. In addition to providing guidance and support to elementary principals, the Executive Principals of Elementary Education provide direct support to assistant principals and deans in the areas of building leadership capacity, implementing discipline policies, and reporting student disciplinary data. 

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Last Modified on January 25, 2024