•  Technology Access at Home



    LCPS GO is a great tool that we use at school to give your child access to many of the educational programs that we use in Math and Reading. 

    LCPS GO can be accessed at home so your child can use these programs to practice their skills at home. Accessing LCPS GO is very easy and can be done on a computer or a tablet that has the LCPS GO APP. 


    How to Sign-in:

    1. Obtain your child's student username and password from their teacher.

    2. Log into the LCPS GO webpage or APP using this information.


    Great Programs on LCPS GO

    (Must be logged in to access) 

          Zearn - Wikipedia 

    Practice math skills in a fun and engaging way.



    Kids A-Z


    Listen to stories, build reading fluency with leveled books that are just right for your child.


    Practice reading skills at your child's reading level with their own ant to guide their learning of letter, sound, and sight word skills. 


Last Modified on September 7, 2023