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    The following links are full of great educational information.
    ABC Blocks Language ABC Blocks
    Starfall Learn-To-Read
    Incorporates rhyming games and high-interest books to teach phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding skills, and comprehension.
    BBC Words and Pictures
    Supports the Literacy Hour and is aligned to the BBC Schools TV series.
    The ABC Game
    Pick the object that starts with the letter shown at the top of each page.
    Sight Word Reading Practice
    Online interactive practice with Dolch Word Lists!
    Between The Lions
    PBS games for learning letters and words!
    Read Write Think
    Match pictures to the correct beginning letter or vowel sound.
    Drag and Drop
    Drag and drop the picture into the correct word box.  Great for kids that are learning to read!
    Activities for teaching the alphabet!
    Literacy Center
    The Early Childhood Education Network online curriculum.
    Road To Reading
    Learn letter shapes and sounds!
    Numbers Numbers Numbers
    AAA Math
    Practice with math concepts and basic facts.
    Count Us In
    Games designed to help children understand basic number concepts.
    Connect The Numbers
    Connect a sequence of numbers to make a picture.
    K-1 Math
    This site provides links to 125 online K-1 math games. Arranged in topics that include number sense, place value, addition, subtraction, fractions, patterns and functions, measurement, money, and time.
    Fishy Count
    Get Ready to count the fish!
    K-2 Newsbreaks
    The K-2 math section of NASA's Kids Science News Network™ provides ten complete lessons designed to introduce students to such topics as fractions, graphs, measurement, money, estimation, and more
    Houghton Mifflin Kid's Place
    Grade level support for the math curriculum!
    Utah Education Network
    Math for grades K-2
    Guess The Number
    Can you guess what number chuckles is thinking of?
    Houghton Mifflin Parent's Place
    Math support tools for parents to use with their children at home!
    Shapes Shapes Shapes
    Stacking Up
    Match the shapes!
    Find different shapes!
    Paint the Shapes 
    A listening and following directions game identifying shapes and colors.
    Shape Sorter
    Match the shapes to complete the puzzle.
    Shape Match
    Drag and drop the shape on the correct match.
    Oochy goes to the Fair
    Help him match shapes!
    Shape Match 
    Concentration style game.
    Shape Racer
    Drag the shapes to the correct corresponding places.
    Astronomy Shape Match
    Click and drag objects to match shape outlines.
    Find the Shape
    Click on the shape you find in the picture.
    KinderWeb Shapes
    Students practice their shapes.
    Put it on the Shelf
    Replace the question mark with the shape that matches the outline below.
    Rainbow Colors Rainbow
    Color Match
    Match objects that have same color and shape.
    Colors and Shapes
    Play with colors and shapes with Ellie the Elephant.
    Coloring Book Fun
    Drag colors to appropriately marked parts of the picture.
      Literacy Center Colors
    Click on a color!
    Tree Holidays Tree
    Carve A Pumpkin
    Click and drag the shapes onto the pumpkin to create different faces.
    Trick or Treat
    Help the kids find their way to the house.
    Turkey Jigsaw Puzzle
    Put the puzzle pieces together to form a picture.
    Christmas Match Game
    Click on the buttons to reveal the Christmas pictures.
    Santa and Rudolph Slide Puzzle
    Unscramble the pieces to make a Christmas picture.
    Lil' Christmas
    Enjoy holiday games, coloring pages, a Santa drawing board, and an original story.
    Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe
    See if you can win a valentine game of tic-tac-toe!
    Over the Rainbow
    Help the Leprechaun find his way to his lost pot of gold.
    Earth Day Story
    Read the story, "Dottie's Garden" and learn about Earth Day.
    Rocket Launching Sites Rocket
    A list of "computer lab favorites" for language arts, math, social studies, science, and Spanish.
    Enchanted Learning
    Children's educational web site designed to capture the imagination.
    Literacy Center
    The Early Childhood Education Network provides high-quality, research-based, educational material for an early reading curriculum.
    Primary Games
    Educational games, coloring pages, interactive e-books, holiday activities, musical postcards, crafts, and more!
    Book Pals
    Storyline Online is on-line streaming video program featuring SAG members reading children's books aloud.
    Fun School
    This site offers more than 800 interactive games and activities for preschool through 6th grade.
    PBS Kids
    The Public Broadcasting System for Kids.
    Prongo has online games, quizzes, and more to provide a fun and interactive educational experience.
    Game Goo
    Learning that sticks!
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