Office of Professional Learning

    Tina Howle, Director of Professional Learning

    Amanda Kim, Supervisor of Professional Learning

    Jennifer Miller, Supervisor of Professional Learning

    Peggy von Ehren, Program Analyst

    Hannah Prebeck, Deeper Learning Instructional Facilitator

    Georgia Tsin, Deeper Learning Instructional Facilitator 

    Karen Wright, Deeper Learning Instructional Facilitator  

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    Bird @LCPSProLearning

    PH: 571-252-1070

    FX: 571-252-1635

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    In Loudoun County Public Schools, our purpose is for all students to make meaningful contributions to the world. The way we do that is through aligning professional learning practices toward the goal of Deeper Learning for Students through the Authentic, Challenging Problem or task.

    We have many instructional and assessment approaches to get us to authentic and deeper learning, including Project-Based Learning (PBL), Performance Assessments (PA), and Personalized Learning (PL).

    We provide equitable learning opportunities and supports that lead to deeper learning for all students.


Last Modified on February 7, 2024