• At Round Hill Elementary, we are


    Rewards & Incentives for Good Behavior

    • Bear Paws  Image result for bear paw clipart
      • Students will randomly be given a bear paw for displaying good behavior or exceptional manners.
    • Bus Paws  Image result for bear paw clipart
      • Bus Paws are given on the bus to reward appropriate behavior.
    • Spirit Days Image result for spirit clipart
      • Students may participate in Spirit Days by wearing something specific to celebrate good behavior or goals achieved.
    • Coloring Tables at lunch Image result for crayons clipart
      • Once a month, students will be able to color on butcher paper on top of the cafeteria tables to reward excellent behavior in the cafeteria.
    • Golden Trays Image result for lunch tray
      • Once a month, the cafeteria hostesses choose a class who has behaved well in the cafeteria during the month.