Report Cards in K

Kindergarten Report Card Information

  • Click the link below to view an explanation of the Kindergarten Report Card & Performance required to meet
    end-of-year grade level expectations.

    LCPS Parent Guide to the Kindergarten Report Card

    For the first quarter, Kindergarten students do not receive grades for the academic sections of the report card. Kindergarten students do receive Inconsistent or Consistent marks for the CHARACTERISTICS THAT AFFECT LEARNING section of the report card.  It is very typical for a student to receive an ‘I' for Inconsistent at the beginning of Kindergarten, as they adjust to the routines and expectations of school.

    The Grades for Kindergarten are:

    "M" - Meets Standard (the goal by the end of Kindergarten),

    "P" - Progressing toward the Standard, or

    "B" - Below the Standard. 

Last Modified on March 16, 2022