• Job-4-a-day

    The Loudoun School-Business Partnership will be sponsoring the Job-for-a-Day Program for high school juniors and seniors.  Students who participate in the program will spend one day with a business in the community that is involved in a career in which the student is interested.

     The goals of this program are:

    • Allow students to explore fields in which they have an interest or aptitude.
    • Offer students exposure to career fields about which they have not previously known.
    • Strengthen students’ awareness of business, industry, and business enterprises within the community.
    • Heighten students’ decision-making processes related to life skills and career choices.
    • Provide students with hands-on experiences with people, places, and things not always available in the classroom or school environment.
    • Help students learn about job/career opportunities within the local area.
    • Students have 15 minutes to complete their registrations in order to keep the job they want. If they take longer than 15 minutes to click submit, there is a chance that another student could take that job if they are registering at roughly the same time.
    • Once a student submits their registration/application, they have 48 hours (or 2 business days) to return the Student/Parent Agreement to the Career Center. If they don’t there is a great possibility they’ll lose the job they chose and would have to either re-register or not attend. This is not an automated process, but manual.
    • City/State locations will now be shown in the list of jobs, so a student will know ahead of time if they are able to get themselves to the site.

     Go to School Counseling/Career Center/Job For a Day for more information.  OR Click Here