Word Study

  • Here are some activities to help you practice your word study and weekly words at home!



    Fancy Shmancy - write your words in fancy letters!
    Rainbow Write - write each letter of your word in different colors! 
    Pyramid Writing - we do this in school! Start at the tip of the pyramid with one letter. Then on the next line, write 2 letters. Keep going until you finish the word!  
                  Ex.        f
                              f u
                             f u n
                            f u n n
                           f u n n y
    Write your words in shaving cream - spread some shaving cream around and then write your words in the mess! 
    Write your words on the sidewalk with chalk.
    Paint your words with water on the sidewalk.
    Consonant and Vowels - write each consonant blue and each vowel red.
    Syllable Sort - sort and write your words based on how many syllables are in the word.
    Print off a page from this fun packet, and follow the directions: Word Work Activities
    Take a practice quiz on Thursday: Printable Practice Quiz