I am Mrs. Portia Bagley. This is my third year teaching in Loudoun County. I have 18+ years of teaching experience. I have a BA in Mathematics from the University of Detroit Mercy, Masters of Arts of Teaching and Learning with emphasis in Secondary Mathematics from Kaplan University and Ed.S. in Instructional Leadership from Argosy University. I served in the Army and now I am enjoying life as a teacher.

    This year I am teaching Algebra I and I am also the department chair. I am enjoying building the foundation for students to be successful in higher level mathematics. I am available before school for tutoring. I am in room L401. Tutoring is available Monday - Thursday from 8:15 - 9:00 am.

    Supplies needed for my class: 

    1. Learning Attitiude - We Will Face Everything And Rise
    2. 3-ring binder (can be used for other classes, must have dedicated section for math. Please have dividers)
    3. Divider with pockets
    4. Pencils (everything turned in to me for grading must be in pencil, ink will not be accepted)
    5. Looseleaf paper
    6. Glue sticks
    7. Safety scissors
    8. Color pencils
    9. Kleneex 
    10. TI-84 CE for Pre-Cal (I have calculators for in class use only)


    Algebra 1 Syllabus Quick View

    Pre-Cal Syllabus Quick View

    Portia Bagley