•  Chorus and Guitar Teacher

    Mr. Jones
     Educational Affiliations
    University of Maryland
    Shenandoah Conservatory-Shenandoah University
    Mr. Jones 
    Mr. Jones teaches Chorus 6,7, 8 and Guitar 8 at Harper Park Middle School. Mr. Jones has been involved in music since he was five years old and his love for music only continues to grow.  Mr. Jones studied music at the University of Maryland and just completed a Masters of Music Education from Shenandoah University.  Mr. Jones has been singing, playing piano and guitar and writing music for many years, and he looks forward to a great year with all of his students and to making beautiful music together!

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    Courses:  Vision & Google Classroom
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    A1-Chorus 7 /Planning B5-Chorus 6 /Planning
    A2-Chorus 7 /Planning

    B6-Chorus 6 /Chorus 6

    A3-Chorus 8 B7-Chorus 6 /Planning

    A4-Chorus 7/ Planning

    B8-Guitar 8
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