• Stone Hill Counseling Department Advisory Council

    Our Stone Hill Counseling Department's goal is to create a program that addresses the needs of our students and community, as well as collaborate with our stakeholders to implement change. Our Advisory Council was established so we can promote growth, receive feedback, and share our successes. 

    Our Advisory Council meets twice a year (Fall and Spring) to outline our program's goals, activities planned, accomplishments, and challenges. We solicit feedback from our stakeholders to make any necessary improvements for our school community. 

     The Advisory Council consists of the following:

    • School Counselors
    • School Board Members
    • School Counseling Supervisors
    • Principal
    • Assistant Principal
    • Deans
    • Teachers
    • Parents
    • PTO members
    • Students
    • Community Providers


    Advisory Council meeting dates for 2023-2024: TBD


Last Modified on December 1, 2023