• Functional Academics Information and Grading Policy

    Students will be working on the Aligned Standards of Learning which are Virginia state standards that are aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning or SOL's. Students will receive paced instruction in the core areas of  English and History with Mrs. Most and Math and Science with Mrs. Steves Writing instruction will occur in English, but it will also be reflected across all academic settings. Subject areas are taught with a focus on how they are used in daily life with functional life skills embedded into instruction.  As a life skill we teach and promote organization and independence.  



    Numbers, Number Sense, Computation and Estimation - basic math facts, ratios, fractions, equivalency of expressions, place value, rounding/estimation.

    Measurement and Geometry - area, sorting, naming and classifying figures (2-D and 3-D), angles, volume, similarity and congruence in objects, time, money.

    Probability, Statistics, Patterns, Functions and Algebra- collecting/interpreting data through tables and graphs, number patterns, shape patterns, probability of events, comparing fractions to decimals



    Reading - how to read, how to get meaning from reading, comprehension, reference materials, main idea and supporting detail, 

    Writing - writing for pleasure & information; handwriting skills, punctuation/capitalization, grammar, sentence structure



    History - people and events in US history, reasons for English colonization

    Economics - wants/needs, resources, goods, and services of the 5 regions of VA

    Geography - 7 Continents 5 oceans, map skills

    Civics - citizenship, USA symbols, famous Americans, branches of government in VA



    Science Investigations - scientific method, lab safety, experiments, observations, tools to measure and record

    Forces, Motion, Energy and Matter - states of matter, properties of water, forces, energy

    Life Systems - living things, animals & plants life cycle, classification

    Ecosystems - food chains/webs, predator vs. prey relationships, environments, ecosystem

    Earth and Space Systems - weather, atmosphere and the ocean (water cycle), energy sources, renewable/nonrenewable resources



    Students are graded on classwork, quizzes, tests and projects. Students will receive either a "Formative" grade - which does not count towards final grade, or a "Summative" grade - which does count towards the final grade. Students receive the letter grade based on the LCPS grading scale. Because the students are on an aligned curriculum, they have the opportunity to work on a topic to mastery. Students will be given a "P" or "F" for Community Independence Instruction and Functional Life Skills based on a Pass/Fail curriculum. 


    Instead of end of year SOL testing, a portfolio of evidence of learning called the Virginia Alternative Assessment Program (VAAP) is submitted. The VAAP is a collection of evidence based on standards set by the Aligned Standards of Learning or ASOL's, submitted in a portfolio format.


Last Modified on September 3, 2019