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    Send an e-mail to Alexis or Lisa to sign up for space in the library, or to have us push out to your classroom.


    Professional Online Subscription Resources

    All subscription databases can be accessed from school without logging in.  From home, however, please use LCPS Go, and then click on "Library Resources" for password-free access to all.

    Need Resources?

    Check out our pathfinders for examples of what we can curate for you.  We have the ability to create your resources both physically or digitally.  With Follett Destiny, we can create collections specific to your content and class.  Check out some of our collections here.


    Check out these apps

    Kathy Schrock has a fabulous blog where she has resources for essentially everything.  Here is a link where she lists apps and websites for each level of the new Bloom's taxonomy.  


     New This Year: TeachingBooks.net

    Teaching a particular book or author?  This website has links to author talks, lesson plans, and more!  Fabulous starting point for research or for finding resources.


     SOL Resource Websites

    EnglishHistory & Social ScienceMathematics and Science resources are available on the VDOE website to support instruction and assessment.