• Fundraiser Assemblies, September 2017

    [Ashburn, VA]-Farmwell Station Middle School's Fera Auditorium was rocking today, as the elite school kicked off its 2017 Fundraiser with the 2017 FSMS YouTube Awards. Stars came out in droves to support the school, among them: Ms. Chalke, Ms. Eisenhour, Ms. Rossi, Mr. Dodson, Mr. Guillen, and Ms. Edwards. The supporting cast included Mr. Puterio and Ms. Stone. Mr. Guillen did a top-notch job of emceeing the ceremony, and students were thrilled when Ms. Edwards stole the show to lay out the details of the fundraiser. And so, without further ado - click HERE to learn about the 2017 Fundraiser.

    Farmwell's fundraiser partner, ETEAMSPONSOR, will be at the school n Thursday, September 28, to help students with the email part of this fundraiser. Please note that "Personal information is never sold or shared with third parties. The ETAMSPONSOR privacy may be viewed HERE. Farmwell will also accept direct donations; students will receive prize credit and parents will receive a letter documenting the donation for tax purposes. Please make checks payable to FMS and in the memo line, write "Fundraiser" along with the student's name, so that we will be able to give them credit for the donation.

    As a bonus activity, just for fun, students are encouraged to create their own YouTube-style videos (but DO NOT UPLOAD THEM TO YOUTUBE). Videos should be no longer than 90 seconds and should encourage donations to the fundraiser. All videos are due by OCTOBER 16 and SHOULD BE SUBMITTED TO YOUR HOUSE OFFICE ON A FLASH DRIVE. Be sure to put the flash drive in an envelope and clearly label it with your name. A panel of highly qualified judges will carefully screen the videos. The best videos will be featured on The Breakfast Bunch and a gift card will be awarded to the
     top video. Videos can be created by individuals or by teams.