• Lego Competition - 2019-20 School Year


    Lego Competition

    Rosa Lee Carter PTO is pleased to offer students the opportunity to participate in the annual Lego Competition again this school year. The Lego Competition will be held on Saturday, October 5, 2019. 

    Lego Competition encourages creative thinking and Lego structure building in a friendly environment. Teams of TWO (2) RLC students can be formed and register online for Lego Competition. Students in a team can work together as partners to create a Lego design with the Lego pieces provided to each team. Even though it is a competitive event, PTO’s main goal is for students to express themselves, have fun and enjoy the atmosphere.

    On the day of the event, separate competitions will be held for each grade level. Maximum 36 teams will be allowed to register per grade group (K-1, 2-3 and 4-5). This is to ensure the competition is completed within a specified time and judges can evaluate all the masterpieces.

    Teams can be comprised of TWO (2) RLC students from the same grade or different grades. Team that consists of students from different grades will compete at the grade level of the higher-grade student in the team. If students are unable to find team members, they can register as individuals and the Lego Coordinator will pair them with a partner.

    All students in the teams must be enrolled in Rosa Lee Carter for 2019-20 School Year.

    Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teams
    Kindergarten and Grade 1 students are free to make any type of structure using the Lego pieces provided to them during the competition.

    Time Allocated: 15 minutes

    Grade 2 - 5 Teams
    Lego competition will be a theme-based competition for the Grades 2-5. Your team will be randomly given one of the themes out of those applicable to your grade level at the beginning of the competition round.

    Time Allocated: 20 minutes

    Lego Themes





    Come up with your own movie idea and characters. Surprise the judges!


    Save the Environment

    Think how human activities are causing damage to Earth (trees, rivers, oceans, air, animals). Come up with ideas and your creation to show how to protect our environment.


    Going to Space

    Think rockets, rovers, space exploration, planets, habitats


    School School: anything school related - classroom, library or any other combination of structures or activities 2-3

    On the Farm

    Think what you have on a farm (animals, machines, etc), activities humans do on the farm


    On the Move Think of machines, technology that help you move, go from one place to another even to space 2-3
    Modern Cities Think what modern cities have or need. Come up with your own design. Be creative! 4-5
    Science & Engineering Make anything that illustrates your knowledge of science and/or engineering; be prepared to explain the purpose and how your creation is relevant to the real world. 4-5

    NOTE: On the day of the competition each team will receive Lego pieces like those shown in the picture below (approx. 130-150 pieces).


    Scoring Guideline for All Grades
    Three separate Judges will score each team on creativity, design, complexity, and any message or story behind your creation. Clarity of the concept of your creation through a presentation to the judges is as important as your creation.

    Like last year, this year also we will allow students to bring in their homemade Lego creations. This is a non-scoring activity. Tables will be provided to allow students to showcase their displays. Based on the number of responses, PTO board will make the final decision on the feasibility of the showcase event and number of entries permitted. Please answer the question related to showcase as part of your registration.

    Failure to comply with the team guidelines and registration requirements will result in team disqualification.

    If you have questions about the Registration process and Lego Competition requirements, please email below PTO contacts

    Lego Coordinator - lego-coordinator@rlcpto.org
    VP Initiatives - vp-initiatives@rlcpto.org  
Last Modified on February 12, 2020