• RLC PTO After School Activities Initiative


    Dear Parents and Guardians
    Welcome to the RLC PTO After School Activities (ASA) Initiative!
    Please find below detailed ASA program guidelines and schedules with program descriptions for 2019-20 school year.

     A. ASA Program Guidelines

    1. ASA programs (e.g. Modified Sports) will be held from 2:50pm to 4:20pm with a 10 minute break in between at the discretion of the ASA instructor
    2. PTO Extended Care will be available as an option from 4:20pm to 5:30pm for all students on a first come basis
    3. Each program will take place once a week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
    4. Kindergarten Classroom Teachers and their Teaching Assistants will escort Kindergarten students from their regular classrooms to their ASA classroom, after all other Kindergarten students have been dismissed.
    5. Grade 1 through 5 students will be expected to know the location of their ASA classroom and proceed from their regular classroom to their assigned ASA classroom upon school dismissal.
    6. Classroom Teachers for grades 1 through 5 are not required to remind students of their ASA activity each day.
    7. Each day Parents/Guardians are responsible to remind their children to attend the ASA sessions they registered for - upon school dismissal.
    8. Children enrolled in CASA will be dismissed to CASA after the ASA program ends.
    9. Children enrolled in PTO Extended Care will be dismissed to Extended Care Classrooms after ASA program ends.
    10. If a child is not going to attend an ASA session on a particular day - please notify via email to ASA Team in advance asa-team@rlcpto.org
    11. Once ASA session ends, children must be picked up PROMPTLY from their ASA classroom if they are not signed up for Extended Care. There is a 10-minute grace period until 4:30pm after which late pickup charges will be STRICTLY enforced when you pickup your child.
    12. Plan to arrive early (by about 4:10pm to allow for parking related traffic delays); you can park in the school parking lot or the bus-loop; enter through the main door by providing a Government issue photo id; and go to your child's ASA classroom.
    13. Please note you cannot park on the car rider dropoff/pickup line along the curb in front of school.
    14. Parent/Guardian/Authorized Individuals for pickup must sign out their children after each ASA session ends. Students will not be dismissed unless a parent/guardian or another adult authorized for pickup signs out your children from their ASA classroom.
    15. Students will be assembled near the main entrance foyer of the school in front of Library by the ASA Onsite Coordinator after the 10-minute grace period ends at 4:30pm.
    16. Parent/guardian will be charged a minimum of $5 late pickup fee until 4:35pm and $1/minute for any additional delays beyond 4:35pm. Payment will be collected at the time of late pickup. Failure to pay the late pickup fee before the student's next ASA session will result in your student not being allowed into the next ASA session. [Late Pickup Fee Authorization]
    17. After a third occurrence of late pickup, your student will be unenrolled from remainder of the ASA sessions for that ASA program automatically. No refunds will be provided for unenrolled sessions.
    18. In the event a child causes a disruption that the ASA instructor feels is inappropriate, the parent/guardian will be notified immediately. Should a parent/guardian need to be contacted a second time, the student will be dismissed from remainder of the ASA program. No refunds will be provided for dismissed sessions.
    19. Parents/Guardians are requested to keep their primary or cell phones ON when ASA session is in progress. During the ASA sessions, the school clinic is closed. Your child's ASA instructor and ASA Onsite Coordinator will contact you or the emergency contact designated by you using the phone numbers should there a need to contact you urgently. If necessary, the ASA instructor and the ASA Onsite Coordinator will call 911.
    20. Any make-up days due to unforseen cancellations of ASA sessions will be determined by the RLC PTO and ASA instructor and communicated to the parents/guardians on an as need basis.

    B. ASA Season Schedules and Program Descriptions

    1. ASA schedules and program descriptions for Winter 2020 semester are posted on our Winter ASA Registration Portal

    C. ASA Onsite Coordinators

    1. ASA Onsite Coordinators are parents/guardians who will act as RLC PTO representatives during the hours of the ASA sessions (2:30pm - 4:30pm; 4:00pm - 6:00pm).
    2. ASA Onsite Coordinators for 2019-20 School Year are being sought. If you are interested as a Volunteer Onsite Coordinator or Paid Onsite Coordinator on any day of the week - you can reach Jagadish at vp-initiatives@rlcpto.org or Manoj at asa-coordinator@rlcpto.org.

    If you have any further questions regarding RLC PTO ASA Initiative, please email below listed RLC PTO representatives. We attempt to answer all emails within one day. Please be patient and do not send multiple emails with the same questions.

    Thank you for your consideration in signing up for RLC PTO ASA initative. We look forward to seeing your students in the sessions.

    Best Regards
    ASA Coordinator: Manoj Behera; asa-coordinator@rlcpto.org
    VP Initiatives: Jagadish Narsin; vp-initiatives@rlcpto.org
    CoVP Initiatives: Vikram Nalluri; vikramnalluri@rlcpto.org
    PTO President: Sarath Kolla; president@rlcpto.org

    Please Note: The Rosa Lee Carter PTO After School Activities Initiative is not sponsored or endorsed by Rosa Lee Carter Elementary School or Loudoun County Public Schools. The ASA initiative is organized and run by Rosa Lee Carter PTO. 

Last Modified on February 12, 2020