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    Ms. Christiansen & Mrs. Harmon




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    Food insecurity:  A household has limited access to nutritious, safe food or an uncertain ability to get those foods in a socially acceptable way.  (Source: USDA)

    In Loudoun County, one of the most affluent counties in the country, hunger is closer than you may realize.  Many of the people that need food assistance in our community are families we know - maybe your neighbor or a classmate of one of your children, the elderly on a fixed budget, people who many never be able to work who have mental or physical disabilites, people going through a temporary crisis such as a sickness, those who are homeless and also the working poor.  The weakened economy, increased unemployment rate, and high costs of living in such an affluent community have made it difficult for many to afford their basic needs. 

    In June 2013, 19% of the children attending Loudoun County Public Schools qualified for a free or reduced priced lunch.  This is a true indication of the poverty that exists in our community. 


Last Modified on September 13, 2017